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  • Easy to setup & use

    Easy to setup & use

    The Baby Monitor 3G uses two devices: one device stays in the child’s room, while the other device is always with you. Initial setup is incredibly easy and takes less than 30 seconds.

  • Unlimited reach

    Unlimited reach

    The Baby Monitor 3G works with any internet connection (both wifi and cellular (LTE/3G) are supported). This means that you can use it anywhere; not having to worry about interference, or a weak signal from your home wifi is priceless when traveling.

  • Hear every noise

    Hear every noise

    Thanks to our state of the art “Voice Booster” you will hear clearly every sound coming from your child’s room. Adjustable sensitivity settings and a vibration alarm will ensure you find out when your baby is awake - even in a loud environment.

  • Soothe your child remotely

    Soothe your child remotely

    Simply press the button on the Parent Station and speak - every word you say will be transferred to your child. You are safe in the knowledge that your child will always be just one tap away from you.

  • Live video or pictures*

    Live video or pictures*

    Baby Monitor 3G transfers live video or live pictures from your child´s room. The Night Light feature makes it possible to view your baby in darkness.

  • Secure and reliable

    Secure and reliable

    We believe that security and reliability are the primary concerns when it comes to monitoring our children. The Baby Monitor 3G constantly monitors the connection between the parent's station and the baby’s station; and, if something goes amiss, the parents are notified immediately. This entire transfer and connection is encrypted by industry standard SSL.

Video works when both devices are on the same WiFi and the network speed is capable of video transfer, in other cases still image is captured.


Selected as App Store Best Of 2012 in Germany, Austria and Switzerland

“Baby Monitors are must-haves for new parents, and smartphone means you don’t have to buy separate gadget - provided that you’ve got two separate iOS devices. Install this app on both of them, leave one in the nursery, and place the other next to your glass of Pinot.”

“The app is pure genius, and yet another example how the iPhone has the power to wipe out entire product categories.”


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