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Baby Monitor 3G

is Coming to Windows and Chrome OS soon

The Smart Baby Monitor for Today’s Parent

Currently available for iOS, Android and Mac, the Baby Monitor 3G brings peace of mind to half million parents worldwide.

The app can turn two smartphones or tablets into a reliable video baby monitoring system - and help save you from the cost of expensive video baby monitoring hardware.

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Turn Your Chromebook or PC into a Baby Monitor

Imagine having a baby monitor on your laptop. Soon you can! Our revolutionary app can work across multiple platforms and work with other devices currently using the Baby Monitor 3G app. So you can monitor your baby using your Laptop together with an iPhone. Whether you are operating a Chromebook, PC, Mac, iOS or Android there is no limit to the possibilities. One thing is for certain too: you’ll never have to walk around the house with a cumbersome baby monitor again - all it takes is your own smart device and the Baby Monitor 3G app.

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